Welcome to the AXIO-NET Web Service!

Station Overview
On the Station Overview you will see every station of the AXIO-NET network and the status of the stations in a schema of three colours.

Ionospheric Monitor
The Ionospheric Monitor shows you the effect of the ionospheric activity as a color cloud in different shades of colors on the map. You can choose if the maximum TEC value has to be “Low”, “Medium” or “High”. It depends on, the higher the maximum TEC value, the larger the interval between the graduations. You can retrace the values by the hour and for a few days in the past.

Note: If you want to scroll into the map, you have to mark the indicatory area on the map from the top left to the bottom right. If you want to minimize the view, you have to wind a case from the bottom right to the top left.

Animated Ionospheric Monitor
The animated Ionospheric Monitor illustrate the same information for the effects of the ionospheric activity like the Ionospheric Monitor. But with the addition of a sequence of the information from the last 8 or 24 hours in a cycle sequence of 15 minutes. You also have the choice of a low, medium or high TEC value with their specified graduation.

I95 Ionosphere Diagram
The I95 Ionosphere Diagram will show you a bar chart of the ionospheric activity of the whole network of the AXIO-NET until the current hour. You can also retrace the activity for a few days.

The shortcuts IRIM and GRIM stands for the predicted ionospheric error and the predicted geometric error. Both errors illustrated in a bar chart until the current hour and can retrace for a few days.

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